V-Ray for Rhino


V-Ray® 3 for Rhino is made

for designers.

It’s clean. It’s simple. And it’s now

faster than ever to create great-looking

renders right in Rhino.


V-Ray 3 is built to be the smartest and fastest renderer for Rhino.

With new quick render presets and intuitive controls, you can focus on design, not the technical details. Its twin-engine rendering architecture can take full advantage of the latest CPU or GPU hardware. And with V-Ray’s full suite of tools, you can render anything and everything – from quick design concepts to your most detailed 3D models.




Designer-friendly user interface


Material library

Select from over 500 drag & drop materials



Simple & fast distributed rendering



Remove noise & cut render times by up to 50%


Virtual Reality

Render content for VR headsets


Section cuts

Quick cross sections with V-Ray Clipper


Aerial perspective

Add atmospheric depth to your images


Grass & fur

Create realistic grass, fabrics and carpet